UVH lamps supplied by uv-technik meyer gmbh are covered by a warranty that depends on the type, power and spectrum of the lamp. The warranty period applies for lamps that are not contaminated by dirt on the outside and are efficiently cooled.
The warranty period takes into account a decrease in radiation of 25% in the respective UV range compared to the new condition. For iron-doped lamps, the 25-hour value is defined as the new condition. A turn-on frequency of maximum 3 times within 8 hours of operation applies for all lamps. Any further turning on/turning off reduces the service life by half an hour.
In all cases, a pro-rata method is applied, i.e. if a complaint is made about a lamp, the past duration of use will be taken into account. Example: A lamp is covered by a 1,500 hours‘ warranty and fails after 1,000 hours of operation. One third of the value will be refunded, or an equivalent replacement will be provided (see table).
There is no claim for compensation for deformed lamps, as this cause of failure is related to the device (e.g. insufficient lamp cooling, lamp operated at excessive power). Nor will a replacement be provided if a lamp in new condition breaks (breakage during transport, improper handling during installation).
uv-technik meyer gmbh accepts no liability in the case of injury or damage due to improper use of the lamp. Replacement or credit is only provided for the lamp itself. All further claims are excluded, unless otherwise stipulated by law.
The warranty periods mentioned above (table) apply for a period of 2 years after date of delivery.

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