UV Know-how for UV Applications


UV-LEDs Fundamentals on the technology and on its use for UV LED applications (Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Renzel)

Lamps and radiation units(Karl-Heinz Meyer) for UV-Curing (Karl-Heinz Meyer)

Why use Electronic Power Supplies (EPS)? (Dipl.-Ing. Michael Miseré)

Quartz glass and quartz glass plates (Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Renzel)


Everclear lamp technology

Informationen der Berufsgenossenschaft UV-Trocknung Nr.: 205 (BG Druck und Papier)

UV Measurement Basics of UV measurement and solutions for UV curing applications (Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Renzel)

Overview UV-lamps Doping and quartz types in UV medium pressure lamps (Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Renzel)

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Product Discontinuation

Date Discontinuation Last call Designation of Discontinuation Replacement
Recommended replacement
22.03.2017 22.03.2017 FSU200 X EVG eUV
22.03.2017 22.03.2017 FSU202-GCU X
22.03.2017 22.03.2017 FSU341 X EVG eUV
22.03.2017 22.03.2017 FSU340 X EVG eUV
22.03.2017 22.03.2017 DPS20-ULCE X
01.01.2016 01.02.2016 UV-Cure Control X
01.10.2015 01.01.2016 Reflektoreinheit Typ Mainz X
01.10.2015 01.01.2016 BLP 79 Pulse X
30.09.2014 31.09.2014 eStar x eLight 1
31.01.2014 28.02.2014 HLP 30-500 x Depending on the power requirements , we can offer a suitable replacement. Please contact our uv-technik team.
31.12.2014 31.01.2014 HLP 115-1500 x eUV 120-1450 (A005158)
01.10.2013 30.11.2013 Disinfection modules uv-ultimate LH2 & LH4 Spare follow soon.
01.10.2013 01.11.2013 EDcure & EDcure Plus x
08.05.2013 01.06.2013 UVM-CP for UV-Sensoren UVM-CP-AL and PTFE & ALQ x Handheld HI 1 in conjunction with sensors SI1, TS1, PMI41
08.05.2013 01.06.2013 UV-Sensor ALQ x UV-Sensor TS1 with HI1
01.01.2013 15.05.2013 UVA-Spotlight H135 x
10.01.2012 30.07.2012 UV-Integrator UV-4CT SD x UV Control 4CT
01.10.2010 07.12.2010 Lamp Tester LT200 x Lamp Tester LT1
01.08.2010 13.08.2010 UV-Sensor UVM-QSO 2 x UVM-QSO 3
16.06.2010 10.08.2010 Safety Kit in plastic case Art.Nr.: 700000 x Safety Kit in plastic case Art.Nr.: A002329
21.04.2010 31.05.2010 Measuring cell UVM-CP-PTFE x UV-Sensor SI 1 with Handheld HI 1
21.04.2010 31.05.2010 Measuring cell UVM-CP-AL x UV-Sensor SI 1 with Handheld HI 1
31.12.2007 30.12.2008 EVG ULP 121-700 x ALP 120; HLP 115
31.12.2007 30.06.2008 ZRM 10-Booster x
31.12.2007 30.06.2008 Igniter ZRM 20 ES 400 B001 x Igniter ZRM 20 ES 400
31.12.2007 30.06.2008 Igniter ZRM 20 ES B001 x Igniter ZRM 20 ES/B
31.12.2007 30.06.2008 Igniter ZRM 12 ES 400 B001 x Igniter ZRM 12 ES/C 400
31.12.2007 30.06.2008 Igniter ZRM 12 ES/B 400 x Igniter ZRM 12 ES/C 400
31.12.2007 30.06.2008 Igniter ZRM 12 ESB 001 x Igniter ZRM 12 ES/C
31.12.2007 30.06.2008 Igniter ZRM 12 ES/B x Igniter ZRM 12 ES/C
31.12.2007 30.06.2008 Igniter ZRM 6 ES/B x Igniter ZRM 6 ES/C
31.12.2009 01.03.2010 UV-Integrator SQ x UV-Integrator SR
31.10.2002 31.01.2003 Lamp Tester LT 277 x LT 1
31.01.2006 30.06.2006 EVG FSU 195 x EVG FSU 200
30.11.2005 31.03.2006 EVG FSU 170 x EVG FSU 200
31.01.2008 30.06.2008 EVG ALP 60 x EVG BLP 59-S
31.03.2009 30.06.2009 EVG ALP 51-U x
31.03.2009 30.06.2009 EVG BLP 26 x
30.09.2006 31.01.2007 EVG TEP 18-T x EVG TEP 20-T
30.09.2006 31.01.2007 EVG TEP 18-S x EVG TEP 20-S

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