Our Team

As the firm has remained under single ownership for 30 years now, nothing distracts us from our focus on the customer and his needs.
Innovative thinking and the desire to preserve the value of what has already been delivered to our customers: these are the things that drive us!
The partners who make up our worldwide network follow the same business philosophy that guides us – that of trustworthy, transparent and respectful cooperation, flexibility and customer-orientation!
Our business structure, network of partners, and close cooperation with the customer – these are the things which allow us to maintain such a clear focus on customer needs! Our work is persuasive because of both our actions, and the team that stands behind them. The quality of our consultation, products, and implementation are what defines us. You can count on that! We will go into the future together!
Come, and be convinced! We look forward to hearing from you!


Axel Steuernagel Foto

Axel Steuernagel

Managing Director / Geschäftsführer

Tel.: +49 6041 96 28 0
Mail: axel.steuernagel@uv-technik.com

Karl-Heinz Meyer Foto

Karl-Heinz Meyer


Tel.: +49 6041 96 28 0
Mail: karl-heinz.meyer@uv-technik.com


Ulrich Sämmer Foto

Ulrich Sämmer

Dipl. Ing. Sales Manager

Tel.: +49 6041 96 28 28
Mail: ulrich.saemmer@uv-technik.com

Ahmet Toklu Foto

Ahmet Toklu

Dipl. Ing. Sales Manager

Tel.: +49 6041 96 28 18
Mail: ahmet.toklu@uv-technik.com

Kathleen Chivukula Foto

Kathleen Chivukula

Sales Assistant

Tel.: +49 6041 96 28 25
Mail: kathleen.chivukula@uv-technik.com

Dorothee Meyer Foto

Dorothee Meyer

Sales Assistant

Tel.: +49 6041 96 28 13
Mail: dorothee.meyer@uv-technik.com

Birgit Mensah Foto

Birgit Mensah

Sales Assistant

Tel.: +49 6041 96 28 26
Mail: birgit.mensah@uv-technik.com


Andreas Renzel Foto

Andreas Renzel

Dipl. -Ing. Product Manager

Tel.: +49 6041 96 28 15
Mail: andreas.renzel@uv-technik.com


Karin Keil Foto

Karin Keil

Financial Controller

Tel.: +49 6041 96 28 14
Mail: karin.keil@uv-technik.com

Glauburgstrasse 34
D-63683 Ortenberg

Tel: +49 6041 962 80


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